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    As part of the Skills, Training, and Preservation initiative, ALHFAM and Tillers International are pleased to offer a two-day, intensive Plowing Workshop for ALHFAM members. The workshop will take place September 7-8 at Tillers International in Scotts, Michigan. Learn more here. 

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    The Living History Anthology brings together twenty-six practical essays on the craft of establishing and running living history museums. Contributions cover all aspects of developing and running a living history site.

    Including contributions on strategic planning, human resource management, research programs, collection policies, and engagement with varied audiences, including indigenous groups, the book demonstrates how to approach such tasks from a living history perspective. Topics unique to the sector, such as re-enactment, historic trade crafts, and working with machinery and livestock, are also covered. Each essay is briefly introduced and contextualized by the editors, while the collection is bookended by a new foreword and afterword from Debra A. Reid, and an introduction from the editors.

    Representing the collective wisdom of the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) members across the decades, The Living History Anthology provides a valuable resource for all living history practitioners. It should also be of interest to students and scholars studying living history.

    ALHFAM members can purchase this book at a discount. Go here for details. Not a member? Join us for only $30!

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    The FARM PIG is conducting a survey on crops. Please follow this link to complete the survey.

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    The New England Regional Conference has been canceled.

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    Schlebecker Award

    The awards committee is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Schlebecker Award. The Schlebecker Award was established in 1988 to honor Dr. John T. Schlebecker, renowned agricultural historian and a driving force behind the establishment of ALHFAM. This lifetime award is intended to recognize individuals within the organization who have made outstanding contributions to the growth and development of ALHFAM. If you have someone in mind to nominate for this award, please see more on our webpage at are due by April 5, 2019.

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    Download the application here.

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    The Call for Proposals has been posted for the 2019 New England Regional Conference.

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    Conference organizers encourage people to register sooner than later for a hotel room for the 2019 Annual Conference in Midland, Ontario. Hotel information can be found here.

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    The ALHFAM Board advanced a key component of its 2018 -2020 Strategic Workplan during its fall meeting by approving the proposal of a task force charged with mapping the work of a new administrative committee on Skills Training and Preservation.  The proposal includes 2019 funding for new training workshops, a project to document skills using short videos ("SkillClips"), a video library accessible through A.S.K., and an internship in skill documentation.

    The new Skills Training and Preservation Committee is charged with leading ALHFAM's efforts to collect the practices, processes, systems, arts and skills that are preserved and presented through "living history.”  To accomplish its goals, the committee will work with PIG Chairs, Regional Reps, Annual Conference Planners and individual members and sites, to inventory and catalogue skills,  identify and document 'at-risk' and endangered skills, and support and organize skills training. 

    The committee is co-chaired by Board members Lauren Muney and past Board president Pete Watson and includes Ed Schultz, Sonrisa Crespin, Alison Dobier and advisors Cody Joliff and Jon Hallman.

    In its proposal to the Board, the Skills Training and Preservation Task Force presented the following assessment of the challenge ahead:

    "Collections management is a skill that is widely held among museum professionals, yet, one that is not uniformly applied to collections of non-material culture. The importance of creating, managing and using living history collections to advance the field historical research, documentation and education is not an endeavor peculiar to ALHFAM, its partners in AIMA and EXARC, or to re-enactors of military, industrial or social history. However, collecting “skills” is rarely, if ever, seen in traditional museums.

    One of ALHFAM's greatest challenges is to take inventory of, document and share the countless, incredible array of skills held by, and offered through, its membership. To enable this, ALHFAM will create a culture that recognizes skills that are being lost, or soon to be lost, and find ways to place them in new hands. ALHFAM members will learn to take the knowledge and skill we have as curators of material culture, and apply it to the business of preserving the intangible culture of skills. ALHFAM members will become proficient at sharing skills with the public, enabling them to use their hands in problem solving -- allowing them try their hand at the doing, making and work that we bring to life. As museum professionals entrusted with the collection and care of those skills, we are challenged to teach the them not just to our colleagues, but to all." 

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    Find more information about the MOMCC/Midwest conference, scheduled for March 7-9, 2019 in Piqua, Ohio, here.

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