Skills Information on A.S.K.

The ALHFAM Skill & Knowledge Base (A.S.K.) is a digital library that unifies and shares an extensive collection of reference works, training materials and other resources. The A.S.K database is unparalleled in living history museums. 

A.S.K currently contains:

  • all of the articles from all of the ALHFAM Proceedings (published versions of presentations from our Annual Conference) 
  • all ALHFAM Bulletinarticles from 2005 to present 
  • 30 years of the MOMCC magazine
  • the complete run of PastMasters News, the quarterly publication of Early American Domestic Arts 
  • the complete archive of the ALHFAM-L (our e-mail discussion list)
  • material provided by ALHFAM members (for example, Tiller's International and Howell Living History Farm).  

A.S.K. is continually growing and improving. Better search capability is coming soon that will allow you to search more accurately and with more refined results. 

A.S.K. will soon contain:

  • Regional conference presentations 
  • Professional Interest Group (PIG) materials 
  • SkillBank
  • Video clips recorded during skill training programs and workshops.
  • SkillClips
  • Blog posts


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