Administrative Committees

Administrative Committees have been established by the Board of Directors to handle the regular business of ALHFAM. Each board member serves on or chairs an administrative committee. Non-board members may request to serve on one of these committees or may be appointed to serve on a committee by the President.

These committees include the Awards & Fellowahips Committee, the Archives Committee, the Audit Committee, the Committee on Organizational Partnership (COOP), the Committee on Regional Networking (CORN), the Finance Committee, the Future Sites Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Communications Committee (which includes oversight of the ALHFAM print and electronic communications), the Skills Training & Preservation (STP) Committee, and Membership & Marketing Committee.

Ad-Hoc Committees are as-needed and may be temporary. They include the Inclusion,Diversity, Equity, Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, the Auction Committee and the ALHFAM Skills and Knowledgebase (ASK) Committee. 

Procedural Guidelines - Board Member and Committee Definitions

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