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Conference & Workshop Calendar

Year: 2020

1January, 2020February
Feb 15 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: Valentine's Day
Feb 21 SEALHFAM 2020 Regional Conference
Feb 22 Basketry
Feb 29 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: A Hearty Winter Dinner
Mar 12 MOMCC 2020 Spring Conference
Mar 14 Introduction to Woodworking
Mar 14 Introduction to Maple Sugaring
Mar 14 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: A St. Patrick's Day Meal
Mar 15 Beginner Spinning (PA)
Mar 18 MOMCC 2021 Spring Conference
Mar 21 Hearth Cooking Workshop
Mar 21 Tinsmithing
Mar 26 ONLINE / EXARC: Documentation Strategies in (Archaeological) Open-Air Museums
Mar 26 Beekeeping 101
Mar 28 2020 Mid-Atlantic Conference
Mar 28 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: New England Fare
Mar 29 Beginner Blacksmithing (PA)
Apr 04 Introduction to Hand Tools: Identification, Care, and Use
Apr 05 Alternative Photography with Cyanotypes/Sun Prints, Lumen Prints, Pinhole Cameras and Anthotypes
Apr 11 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: Celebrating Springtime
Apr 19 Paper Flowers (PA)
Apr 25 Flavors from the Hearth Cooking Workshops: Traditional Bake Day
May 02 Farmhouse Breakfast
May 02 Basic Blacksmithing
May 02 Introduction to Basketmaking
May 02 Woodworking for Beginners
May 02 Standing Wool Rugs
May 02 Portable Workbench
May 02 Introduction to Raising Chickens
May 03 Piecing and Quilting
May 03 Penny Rugs: Wool on Wool Applique
May 03 Introduction to Broom-Making
May 03 Woodworking: Parent & Child (Ages 4-6)
May 03 Introduction to Cheesemaking
May 03 Woodworking: Parent & Child (Ages 7-10)
May 09 Learn the Art of Making Rigging Blocks
May 16 Handcut Dovetails
May 16 Wild Edibles
Jun 13 19th Century Cooking Techniques
Jun 13 Introduction to Small Scale Hay Making
Jun 22 VISION: A 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & Conference
Jul 11 Intermediate Woodworking: How to Cut Dovetails and Make a Box
Aug 08 Woodworking for Kids
Aug 08 19th Century Cooking Techniques
Sep 04 The Dressmakers (Virtual) Apprentice
Sep 12 Anatomy of an Antique House
Sep 19 Introduction to Blacksmithing
Oct 03 Anatomy of an Antique Barn
Nov 07 Cider Brewing
Nov 07 Backpack Basket Weaving
Nov 14 Spoon Making
Nov 21 Thriving in Changing Times: ALHFAM 2020 Western Region Meeting
Dec 12 Painted Canvas Floor Cloth
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