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Kesia Kvill

(University of Guelph)

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The 2020-2021 Winter Webinar Series has been expanded! Registration will open soon. More information below.


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alhfam central canada's 2020-2021 winter webinar series

With the goal of bringing our region together and providing some historical edutainment, ALHFAM Central Canada is pleased to announce their Winter Webinar series! 

  • All times Eastern
  • Registration is free for ALHFAM members (but required)

Wednesday, January 13, 7pm 

Orange Peels with Mya Sangster

Preserved orange peel is made from water, sugar and oranges. Mya will address questions about her experience with the process, the history of oranges and sugar in England and their uses. She will also share the common practices used for preserving orange peel from the late 16th century to early 19th century.

Wednesday, February 10, 7pm  

Lake Simcoe Ice Harvest  with Darryl Wines 

Lake Simcoe was known across North America as one of the purest and most abundant sources of ice. At its peak, the ice industry was harvesting up to 50,000 tons of ice from Lake Simcoe for distribution to hotels and households, and for use in refrigerating railway boxcars. Join Darryl for a glimpse of this almost forgotten industry that was once a cornerstone of the winter economy.

Wednesday, February 24, 7pm  

Rites of Spring: Maple Syrup Production in Early 20th Century Ontario  with Jeremy Robson

Come learn about maple production and how the First and Second World Wars affected the industry. Learn what products were made and how they could be used at out sites!

Wednesday, March 10, 7pm 

Historic Blacksmithing Technique: Steeling Tool Faces with Sean Stoughton 

In this workshop, presenter Sean Stoughton of the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum (Kitchener, ON) will demonstrate how to forge tools made from mild steel or wrought iron with hardenable steel faces. This style of tool making has been used by blacksmiths from antiquity to modern day in order to create durable iron tools without requiring large amounts of the more valuable and less forgiving steel needed for hard and sharp tool faces. This workshop will cover creating a wrought iron cross-pein hammer with steel faces on both sides, and if time allows will include replacing the steel blade of an axe head.

Wednesday, March 17, 7pm 

Felt Making with the Canada Agriculture & Food Museum

Learn how the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum brings felt making into their programming. Participants will virtually meet our sheep, discuss sheep farming in Canada and learn how to make felt!

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