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The 2021-2022 Winter Webinar Series has been announced. More information below.


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With the goal of bringing our members together and providing some historical edutainment, ALHFAM Central Canada is pleased to announce their Winter Webinar series! 

  • All times Eastern
  • Registration is free for ALHFAM members (but required)

December 15, 7pm   

Culinary Curiosities: Online Baking Class with the Canada Food and Agriculture Museum

Live from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum's demonstration kitchen! Follow along as Museum staff prepare a delicious recipe celebrating the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (recipe will be emailed to participants ahead of time). Discover lessons learned in the development of this culinary series as well as historical links to the Museum's collection.

January 12, 7pm EST  

Catherine Parr Traill on Enjoying and Surviving a Canadian Winter with Fiona Lucas

Traill’s writings both public and private deal with the many joys and tribulations of the wintery backwoods in early Canada. As usual, she had practical advice for her readers, from maintaining a yeast supply to choosing a parlour stove to sewing a warm cloak. She reveals much about bottling, pickling, smoking and hunting foods for the mid-nineteenth century pantry, then making winter meals. Her how-to advice benefited many immigrants unprepared for the cold and ice, as she had been once unprepared, but she also came to love the sparkling snow.

January 26, 7pm EST  

The Cedarbrae Schoolhouse and 19th Century Rural Education in Ontario with Sarah Harrison

Going to school in the late 1800’s was very different than it is today. In this talk, Sarah Harrison will discuss how schools arose in Ontario in the late 19th century, and how it was applied in the context of a rural Ontario township. Attendees will learn about the history of the Cedarbrae schoolhouse, which was moved to the Georgina Pioneer Village in 1980 and was recently rebuilt on the property in 2021.

February 9, 7pm EST  

Knitting for Victory: Handwork 1914 with Carolyn Blackstock

What were women making using their needles and hooks as they knit, crocheted, sewed, quilted, and embroidered before and during World War I? Discuss why knitting was important during the war and what patterns were popular at the turn of the century. Links to sources of historic patterns will also be provided if requested. You are welcome to do your own knitting, sewing, whittling etc. during the talk.

February 23, 7pm EST  REGISTER

"What Can Go Wrong Will:" Operating Historic Machines Safely with Jeremy Robson

Safety of our staff, volunteers, and guests while at our sites requires specific considerations. Join Jeremy Robson as he discusses the safe operation and demonstration of historic machinery from hand powered, animal powered, to engine powered at historic sites. 

March 9, 7pm EST  REGISTER

Adventures in Silk: Recreating a 1780s Robe a la Circassienee with Meg Furler

Join Meg Furler, Costume Designer for Heritage Park Historical Village, on a journey to recreate a 1780s

gown from a fashion print. This conversation will cover assessing a historical image, project

management, and sewing techniques. The Robe a la Circassienne is a unique style encompassing

elements from Polonaise and Italian gowns to achieve this layered look. Its voluminous silhouette is a

fun, playful example of interpreting primary sources for recreation.

March 23, 7pm REGISTER

Bridging the Centuries: Preserving Local History through a Book Project with Bruce & Kim Henbest 

Working with the Chesterville and District Historical Society who recently published Bridging the Centuries: The History of Chesterville 1988-2020, Bruce and Kim describe how this local project began, the timeframe and process, the end result, and lessons learned for anyone considering a similar project.

April 6, 7pm EST  REGISTER

Wartime Animals in Family Records with Kim Moulsdale

Connecting with her great-grandfather’s papers and family memoirs, Kim explores the use of animals during the First World War. Horses, dogs, cats and other animals will feature in her discussion of wartime veterinarians, the calvary, and mascots. 

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