The members of the FARM PIG share an interest in agriculture: i.e., the husbandry of domestic animals and plants for the production of food and/ or fiber. The skills necessary for historical agriculture, especially in the pre-petroleum based era, represent a knowledge base that took thousands of years to develop. However, these skills are rapidly being lost. The preservation and perpetuation of these skills is the primary purpose of the FARM PIG.



Ben Baumgartner

Barrington Plantation


  • The FARM PIG meets yearly at the ALFHAM Annual Meeting. At both annual and regional meetings, members present workshops and sessions that contribute to the concepts, theory and practice of historical agriculture. Information about the FARM PIG Annual Plowing Match (held at each Annual Meeting) can be found here.
  • Members are also in touch throughout the year by email, phone and site visits to exchange ideas, techniques and methods.
  • Individual members pursue the primary goal of the FARM PIG at their various sites and through contact with other institutions outside of ALHFAM. 

If you are a member of ALHFAM and wish to be part of the FARM PIG, please contact one of the chairs listed above.

ALHFAMP.O. Box 16, Rochdale, MA 01542 -

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