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Bulletin Articles Requested on Changing Weather

07 Aug 2020 11:27 AM | ALHFAM Webmaster (Administrator)

Hello from your friendly ALHFAM Bulletin guest editors, Barb and Alyssa! 

We are looking for articles and resource reviews for our issue on changing weather and its impact. 

Frequent floods? Intense weather cycles? Climate change? Wildfires? Drought? What is happening in our regions?  

We want to hear how your sites and museums interpret these stories – historic and recent. Tell us how you prepare for more dramatic weather, or climate change, and the impacts on your sites, structures, animals, crops and museums.

Be a part of the Summer 2019 edition: Changing Weather

Send any questions, articles or ideas to Alyssa Zajan

Submission Deadline: September 4, 2020

ALHFAM • P.O. Box 16, Rochdale, MA 01542 - info@alhfam.org

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