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Native American Interpreter at Michigan's Heritage Park, Whitehall, MI

  • 22 Jan 2018 10:46 AM
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    Employment Information

    Full-Time Seasonal Positions and

    Part-Time Seasonal Positions


    Department:  Programming Department

    Location:  Michigan’s Heritage Park, Hilts Landing in Whitehall

    Start/End Date: April-November 6, 2018

    Pay Rate:  $9.25/hour


    About the Site:  From a mastodon dig to the Civilian Conservation Corp, the Lakeshore Museum Center’s Heritage Park takes visitors on a stroll through 10,000 years of Michigan’s history.  Through interactions with costumed interpreters, wayside panels, activities, programs, and events visitors will learn how technology, culture, and daily life changed through the years. 

    Duties:  This position serves visitors to the Lakeshore Museum Center by working as an interpreter wearing historic regalia at Michigan’s Heritage Park in Whitehall.  The purpose of this position is to provide accurate information about the early life of Great Lakes Indians in Michigan during the years 1650-1675. 

    Work Schedule:  Native American Interpreters will be trained to work in the Wigwam Village site at the park, although the employee may be required to work at other locations within the park if needs arise.  This position will begin with training in April and work through the beginning of November.  A full-time seasonal position is scheduled 4-5 days per week and will generally work up 32 hours per week.  A part-time seasonal position is scheduled 2-3 days per week and will generally work up to 23 hours per week.  Work schedule as follows:  May work days are Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday.  June-September work days are Thursday through Saturday and Monday, closed Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Weekends are mandatory as scheduled. October work days are Monday-Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday with the exception of our event weekend.  Staff are required to work all mandatory event days (5 per season).  Some events do include Sunday hours.

    Responsibilities:  Puts visitors first by treating them as respected guests and serving their needs.  The interpreter is responsible for staffing the Wigwam Village and interpreting life during that time period.  Duties will encompass daily interpretation of the recreated village, helping visitors understand life during the 1600s, present the history and traditions of the Ottawa Indians to guests of the village.   

    1.        Greet each visitor as they enter the village and interpret the structures and the people associated with it. 

    2.       Work with other historic site interpreters and staff to create a welcoming and positive experience for visitors.

    3.       Participate in special events

    4.       Perform opening and closing duties, which include set-up, cleaning, securing the site at end of day, and reporting attendance numbers.

    5.       Demonstrate historic trades appropriate to your site, with visitors when possible,.

    6.       Complete maintenance tasks and during down time between visitors.


    1.       Must be 16 or older at start date of employment.

    2.       Must have an interest in historical interpretation and willingness to learn historic skills.

    3.       Should be a member of a federally recognized tribe. 

    4.       Should have working knowledge of Native American crafts and technology.

    Must work well in a dynamic, changing environment and be able to be flexible and adaptable to using different interpretation styles to meet the needs of visitors.  Physical Requirements:  An employee must be able to work in all outdoor weather conditions, which includes the potential of biting and stinging insects and smoke from fires.  Must be able to lift up to 45 pounds of site props and transport them to and from historic site buildings. 

    General Position Information:  Historic regalia will be provided by the museum but maintained by the employee.   This regalia will be made of deer hide using traditional construction techniques.  Women will be wearing strap dresses and men will be wearing a breech cloth and leggings.  Due to the unpredictability of Michigan weather interpreters will also be provided with museum logo shirts to wear in the event that weather is too hot or too cold.  Those conditions will be determined by the supervisor.

    Supervision:  This position is supervised by the Historic Park Program Manager and Historic Park Assistant Program Manager.

    To Apply:  Please submit cover letter and resume to Wendy VanWoerkom at wendy@lakeshoremuseum.org or via mail to Michigan’s Heritage Park, Attn: Hilts Interpreter, 8637 N. Durham Road, Whitehall, MI by February 16, 2018.




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