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Historical Interpretation, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA.

  • 18 Feb 2020 4:36 PM
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    At Old Sturbridge Village, a Historical Interpreter engages and educates our audience.  S/he uses historic clothing, structures, plants, animals, and landscape as well as the tools and techniques of early trades, agriculture, horticulture and domestic crafts to make meaningful connections with the present.  Historical Interpreters help visitors gain insights into their modern world and a better understanding of it by conveying aspects of its origins in early 19th century rural New England.

    Depending on the museum’s needs, college interns will have the opportunity to work in various trades and occupations, including: Farming, Dairying, Blacksmithing, Gardening, Hearth Cooking, Shoe Making, Sewing, Pottery, portraying a school keeper and more.

    All interns will be provided general training in the museum’s time period and in the area(s) to which they’ll be assigned as well as in visitor engagement and customer service.

    Please check with your school to see if you’re eligible for academic credit. Summer interns receive a stipend of $1,500. Interested applicants must submit a written application and are interviewed by phone, Skype, or in person. For application and more information please visit https://www.osv.org/about/working-at-the-village/internship-opportunities-at-the-village/college-internships/


    The internship is available during the 12-week summer session May 27 to August 16. The work day is from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the museum is open Wednesday – Sunday.

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