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Internship - Blacksmith

  • 07 May 2019 2:14 PM
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    Benefits Eligible
    Starting Rate
    Additional Benefits
    Type of Position
    Work Hours
    Up to 40 hours weekly including days, evenings, weekends, and holidays
    Requires Valid Virginia Drivers License
    Minimum Age
    City Williamsburg
    Zip Code 23185

    Intern-Historic Trades (Blacksmith)


    Job Description:

    Historic Trades internships are ten-to-twelve week experiences working with the Historic Trades department at Colonial Williamsburg.  Interns are assigned to a particular trade shop, where they assist the full-time staff in operation of the shop, including interpretation and demonstration to guests, production, and research.  In turn, interns have the opportunity to learn about the trade, develop trade skills, gain experience with public contact and service, and acquire insights about museum and living history careers.  Internships require commitment to a 40-hour work week.  If appropriate, costumes are provided.  

    Locating housing is the responsibility of the intern.  

    While internships are not offered for educational credit, we will work with individuals if their school has credited programs for which a Historic Trades internship might qualify.

    Internship Position Details:

    • Assists Blacksmith Shop staff by interpreting and demonstrating iron work to guests, engaging in production, undertaking assigned research projects, and performing other duties related to Blacksmith Shop operation as assigned.


    • Provides historical information about blacksmithing, its products and services within the community, region, and world.
    • Provides information about the technology, process, skills, training, organization, and business practices within the trade.
    • Provides biographical information about Williamsburg blacksmiths, and the social and economic environment in which they lived and worked.
    • Recreates the work environment of an Eighteenth Century blacksmith shop using the clothing, tooling, materials, and work space to provide appropriate products and services.
    • Presents pro-active, thematic interpretations of historical information to a diverse audience.
    • Adapts content and presentation to the interest and abilities of the audience.
    • Actively expands on basic information, and incorporates information specific to James Anderson and Williamsburg.

    Trade Work

    • Learns and develops proficiency in the skills of working iron and steel with Eighteenth Century methods under the direction of the master.
    • Applies those skills to the demonstration of the trade and the manufacture of period reproductions.
    • Refines skills through repetitive work to meet quality and proficiency standards set by master of the shop.
    • Adheres to safety and security procedures for work, workshop, tools, and people within the shop.
    • Works from basic prototype and instructions provided to complete assignments in a timely manner.
    • Provides outstanding customer service.
    • Follows safety and security procedures established for the site, tools, materials, and equipment.
    • Ensures that the safety and security procedures are followed in the absence of the supervisor and journeymen.
    • Performs other related duties as required.

    Job Requirements:

    • Demonstrated interest in traditional blacksmithing and a desire to explore the possibilities of a career as a museum professional.
    • Good communication and guest service skills.  
    • Ability to work well as part of a shop team.  
    • Adaptability to changing shop schedules, assignments, and special projects and programs.  
    • Aptitude to learn trade skills.  
    • Physical requirements will depend upon the trades to which the intern is assigned.  
    • Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and holidays
    • Ability to work in very hot and humid conditions- temperatures above 100 degrees F
    • Ability to stand for extended periods of time
    • Ability to swing a hammer for extended periods of time
    • Ability to work with coal fired forges.


    • Enrollment or completion in an undergraduate program in American History or on subject matter related to the intern experience.
    • Experience working with the trade.  Previous living history museum experience.  
    • Familiarity with the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Trades program. 

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