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Apprentice Coach Driver - Colonial Williamsburg - Williamsburg, VA

  • 12 Sep 2019 3:51 PM
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    Job Description:

    The Apprentice Coach Driver drives carriages in the Historic Area, taking visitors for scheduled rides.  Drives carriages and wagons for special events and programs.  Interprets driving, travel and transportation in 18th-century Virginia with emphasis on carriages and horses.   Follows procedures for care of horses and carriages.  Assists Livestock Husbanders in care and movement of sheep, cattle, poultry as assigned; other duties as assigned.


    • Prepares horses for street work, including grooming, washing, checking hooves and condition of the shoes.  Advises Head Coachman or Stable Operations Supervisor of any issues.
    • Assists with cleaning of harnesses and carriages daily as needed to meet the Foundation's standards.
    • Fits harnesses to horses in a safe and efficient manner; advises supervisors of any worn or damaged parts that need replacing. 
    • Within 1-4 months, learns to drive horse-drawn carriages.  Drives carriages taking visitors for scheduled rides throughout Historic Area; drives for special programs and events as assigned.
    • Work toward earning Level 1 CAA certification.
    • Provides  interpretation of transportation and movement in 18th-century Virginia, with emphasis on use of carriages and horses.  Basic interpretation of roles of other livestock (cattle, sheep, poultry).
    • Monitor horses for illness, injury, shoe problems; report issues to the supervisors, and assist in treating the animal as necessary.
    • When needed, help maintain pastures, fencing and watering devices. 
    • When needed, drive trucks and trailers to feed and move livestock. Assist in basic maintenance of  trucks, trailers, golf carts, mowers and tractors.
    • Assist with special programs including giving tours of the stables to special guests as assigned. 
    • Participates as an active member of a team and model the organization’s personal/professional expectations. 
    • Assist Livestock Husbanders in care and moving of sheep, cattle, and poultry as assigned.  Occasional supervised work with ox-driving, sheep, cattle, or poultry as assigned.
    • Work a flexible schedule including weekends, evenings and holidays. Be available for work on an emergency basis, seven days a week, 24 hours per day. 
    • Perform other related duties as required.

    Job Requirements:

    • General Knowledge and practical skills in working with horses and carriages. Usually gained by working full time with the Coach and Livestock department or similar operation for at least two years. 
    • Full knowledge of Colonial Williamsburg’s pastures and livestock waterers and how to access them, gained by working with the Coach & Livestock Department at least for 9 months.  
    • Must be able to administer medical aid to livestock as assigned by the veterinarian.
    • Must be able to enter information into RTP system for purchased carriage rides.
    • Apprentice Level 3 and higher must possess a valid Commonwealth of Virginia driver’s license and have an acceptable driving record based on Colonial Williamsburg’s criteria.
    • Must have a proven ability to handle machinery, such as mowers, trucks and trailers. Generally gained through at least 4 years of working with this type of machinery.
    • Proven ability to work alone with livestock both safely and having initiative to handle unforeseen circumstances in dealing with Livestock.
    • Must possess good communication skills, and ability to work in a team.
    • Ability to comprehend and follow oral and written instructions, and possess good communication skills.  
    • Must display a willingness to work occasionally in costume and also work in all weather conditions, also participate in special events as needed.  

    Preferred Qualifications: 

    • Experience in driving horses
    • CAA Certification Level 1: knowledge of the care of sheep, cattle, and/or poultry
    • Ability to drive oxen and herd sheep
    • Knowledge of dairy operations
    • Ability to operate heavy equipment such as loader, forklift, tractor.

    For more information or to apply online, click here

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