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Executive Assistant / Food Ways Manager, Camlann Medieval Village June 2019

  • 08 Jun 2019 2:10 PM
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    Roger Shell

    Executive Assistant / Food Ways Manager

    Camlann Medieval Village

    King County, Washington State

    Camlann Medieval Association is seeking a career minded, flexible, motivated staff person to work with our CEO on program management and development.  Camlann village is an independent living history museum, founded in1984, dedicated to the portrayal of daily life, old world crafts, and visual/performing arts in rural 14th century England, reflecting their significance in today’s post industrial, high-tech society.

    Position opens: June 1st, 2019

    Compensation:  $46,800 annual to start (includes $1,400 per month (tax free) on-site housing (1 bedroom) and utilities). 

    Position Requirements:  Our ideal candidate has:

      A passion for historical cooking, foods, open hearth demonstrations, dinners and banquet coordination.

      A strong interest in medieval culture based upon relevant formal or informal education.

      First person interpretive skills needed to portray a 14th century woman’s life experiences

      Two or more years of work experience in historical interpretation and program development

      Attention to thoroughness, details, and seeing tasks through to completion

      An appetite for learning new skills, and a readiness for undertaking physical as well as creative jobs

      Excellent interpersonal skills with participants and visitors

    Duties & Responsibilities will involve weekends and some evening hours. Depending on your skills and experience, your diverse activities could involve:

    Administrative and organizational:

      Office systems: computer skills, communications, bulk mail programs

      Publicity: press coordination, advertising, social media

      Fundraising, grant writing, budgeting, accounting

      Staff Development, human resources, volunteer training and coordination

    Crafts & education:

      Foodways research and presentation

      First person interpretation, character development

      Research, writing, class and workshop presentations

      Textiles: shearing, spinning, weaving, clothing construction and maintenance

      Hand crafts: pottery, baskets, woodworking, calligraphy and art, candle making, soap making, etc.

      Performance skills: early music, dancing, poetry, storytelling, puppetry, knightly arts, drama

    Site Development & management:

      Animal care (we currently have 2 sheep)

      Garden / landscape planning and maintenance      

      Timber-frame, wattle and daub construction of buildings and fencing

      Collections acquisition, inventory and upkeep

    To Apply: 

    Call Roger Shell, CEO: (425) 788-1945

    Send your résumé and any attachments to:

    Camlann Medieval Association

    10320  Kelly Road NE   Carnation,  WA   98014


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