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Frederick C. & Kathleen S. Crawford Curator for the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum

  • 14 Mar 2017 12:34 PM
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    TITLE: Frederick C. & Kathleen S. Crawford Curator for the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum  

    RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Director of the Cleveland History Center for the acquisition, care, management of the Crawford collection, as well as the presentation of collections (onsite, offsite, and online) in exhibits, programs, outreach and engagement activities. 

    CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as full-time professional and overtime exempt. 


    1.The Crawford Curator of Transportation History reports to the Director of the Cleveland History Center (CHC) and coordinates with WRHS Division Directors, including the Director of Hale Farm & Village, the Vice President of Development, the education team, the library & archives team, and the curatorial team for the presentation, care, management and stewardship of the Crawford collections. 

    2. Maintains liaison with professions in the areas of automotive, aviation, and transportation history.

    3. He/she develops and cultivates relationships within the museum, local arts and culture community and donors.  Maintains liaison with special interest groups, organizations, associations, and collectors in the fields of automotive, aviation, and transportation history. Public outreach and community engagement is an integral function of this position.

    SUPERVISION: Supervises interns, volunteers and staff


    1. Stewardship & Collection Care
    • Responsible for the organization, development, and implementation of collections care and management procedures.
    • Identifies and recommends historical artifacts and materials in automotive and aviation history for acquisition by WRHS. 
    • Surveys and analyzes materials held by WRHS as well as materials held by other research facilities and also material held by private individuals, corporations, and institutions.
    • Creates and maintains records on the automotive and aviation collections, utilizing the WRHS computerized database, cataloging, and project management software.
    • Maintain accurate documentation of any preservation or restoration work undertaken on collection vehicles and objects.
    • Coordinates with the registrar the donation and lending of materials to and from WRHS for use in museum exhibits, programs, and publications.
    • Responsible for the ongoing implementation and adherence to WRHS Collections Policies and Procedures. 
    2. Engagement (onsite, offsite, and online)
    • Responsible to the Director of the Cleveland History Center for the fresh, imaginative and ongoing presentation of WRHS collections in Cleveland History Center galleries.
    • Organizes and facilitates research into the history of automobiles and aviation of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio within the context of urban, social, and technological history.
    • In collaboration with WRHS collections, exhibition, and education staff takes the lead in developing exhibits and programming on the history of automobiles, aircraft, and related transportation technologies. 
    • Works closely with Youth Entrepreneurship Education team to integrate stories told through the CAAM to leverage place-based field experiences and other earned and contributed income opportunities.
    • Assists in the installation of exhibits and the delivery of programs.
    • Prepares oral, written, and visual historical lectures, essays, and summaries for use in exhibits and publications as well as public presentations, both internal and external to WRHS.
    3. Advancement
    • Develops and sustains relationships with the community to advance WRHS’s mission, vision, and activities. Serves as spokesperson for the WRHS automotive and aviation collections by participating in professional conferences, meetings, and organizations.
    • Works with the President & CEO, the CHC Director, and the Development Department to secure funding for collection related activities through grant writing, sponsorship requests, requests for individual contributions, engagement activities, programs and tours, in-kind gifts and other forms of fundraising.

    4. Continuous Learning – networks with peers and maintains memberships in various professional organizations to remain current and to relentlessly committed to the pursuit of best practices in collection care, management, and presentation. 

    5. Undertakes other duties as assigned by the CHC Director. 


    1. Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Technology, Museum Studies, History or related field of study.
    2. Must have museum (or equivalent) experience in handling historic vehicles and objects appropriately with demonstrated knowledge of American technological history.
    3. Knowledge of museum methods, technologies, standards, practices, procedures, and ethics, and a desire to adhere to current museum policies and best practices.
    4. Demonstrated experience and technical knowledge related to the repair, restoration, and maintenance of autos, aircraft, and related technologies.
    5. Organizational skills and attention to detail, ability to communicate ideas effectively, to prioritize work and meet deadlines, to work independently and in a team, and to manage several projects simultaneously.
    6. The qualified candidate will have demonstrated leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, and will role model each of WRHS’s core values:  Integrity, Innovation, Stewardship, and Connectivity.
    7. Must be able to lift 75 lbs, work at heights, and able to work in environments where paint, solvents, cleaners, dust, molds, and other materials generally associated with a shop are present.

     Resumes and cover letters can be submitted to human resources at jwaterman@wrhs.org

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