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Farm Manager at Landmark Park

  • 02 Sep 2021 12:50 PM
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    Brief Description: The Farm Manager shall primarily be responsible for the proper maintenance and upkeep of Landmark Park’s Wiregrass Farmstead Living History Farm. Landmark Park is located in Dothan, Alabama and is home to Alabama's official museum of agriculture. This 150-acre park has a living history farm that showcases life in the Wiregarss area in the 1890s. 

    Immediate Supervisor: Director

    Primary Responsibilities:

    Ensure Wiregrass Farmstead and park grounds are fertilized, mowed, maintained, and kept free of litter. This includes maintaining access roads, fences and irrigation and sprinkler systems.

    Planning, planting, tillage, cultivation and care of crops on Wiregrass Farmstead and Crowley Field.

    Feed and provide care for the heritage breeds of farm animals at Landmark Park’s Wiregrass Farmstead.

    Provide programming for the public and school children on field trips on historic farming methods.

    Provide proper care, maintenance, and maintain inventory records of the tools, equipment, and vehicles. Keep the shop area clean and well organized.

    Coordinating the maintenance and repairs on historic buildings 

    Assist with special events, etc., and other duties as assigned by the Park Director, including occasional weekend work.

    Develop, coordinate and supervise Farm volunteers, interns and staff.  Maintain a written record of Farm Volunteers. 

    Manage day to day operations of the farm, delegating where appropriate, while periodically assessing progress toward annual goals.

    Evaluate and assess historic structures to determine required maintenance and report to the Board Chair annually. 

    Occasional coordination with Alabama Agricultural Museum duties with the AAM Board of Directors. 

    Essential Skills:

    Ability to life 50+ lbs. regularly lift 8 hours per day

    Ability to drive a tractor and utilize farm equipment in a safe and effective manner.

    Ability to do physical labor up to 8 hours daily outdoors.

    Good Alabama DMV record

    Experience and ability to teach diverse audiences at varying skill levels

    Experience and ability for working with people of all ages from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds

    Knowledge or willingness to learn about the agricultural history of the Wiregrass region

    Self-motivated and self-managing

    Experienced record-keeping skills

    Qualifications: High School diploma or equivalent.  Good working knowledge of farm/landscaping tools, equipment and procedures. Must have the ability to work well with others.  Good physical condition.  

    Essential skills/abilities: heavy lifting; ability to work outdoors in all extremes of weather; ability to drive a manual transmission vehicle; ability to operate a tractor and various implements; ability to operate & maintain chainsaw, riding lawn mower, leaf blower, and weed-eater.

    Salary : $40,000 based on experience

    For more info on Landmark Park, visit www.landmarkparkdothan.com.

    Please submit resume, references and letter of intent to laurav@landmarkparkdothan.com

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