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SEALHFAM Conference

  • 03 Mar 2023
  • 05 Mar 2023
  • Horry County Museum

SEALHFAM Conference

Putting the "Living" in History: Demonstrating the Past

Call for Workshop and Session Proposals- PDF

How do we draw in our visitors into history? How do we get them to remember what they saw? History is often considered something we learn about from afar, even museums are places to go observe past objects and often reminisce about how different things were ‘back then.’ Things were different, but people like you and I were still there experiencing it all! Putting the “living” in history is all about getting people to see and think about people in the past and the ways in which their lives compare. Whether this be through in person demonstrations and programs, exhibits, or through a screen, how are we living history?

The conference seeks papers presenting exciting and original ideas, methods and experiences that help history come alive! We highly encourage hands-on workshops that leave participants with better understandings and new skills! Knowing the skills associated with the history we research, interpret, and display helps us to understand the work going on behind the photographs and documents and become familiar with terminology we may not find anywhere else.

Deadline for submisson: Dec 1st, 2022

ALHFAM • P.O. Box 16, Rochdale, MA 01542 - info@alhfam.org

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