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  • Virtual Live Workshop: "The Three-Pad Collar for Draft Cattle"

Virtual Live Workshop: "The Three-Pad Collar for Draft Cattle"

  • 07 Aug 2022
  • 12:00 PM
  • (Virtual)


Workshop Date: August 7, 2022

Join Claus Kropp in Germany for an introduction, demonstration, and discussion of this innovative harness (on Zoom.)

Enjoy this video as an introduction to this workshop:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ss4iEYq9z0

You will receive an informational 45-minute video after July 24, to prepare you in advance for the live virtual workshop on August 7.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in draft animals, oxen, working cattle, living history farms and museums, animal-powered farms, history, leatherwork, woodworking, or all people with interest in the subjects.

In the workshop, you will learn:

1) Historical background information
2) Practical information on the function, construction, and use of the harness
3) Fit and wear of the harness
4) Troubleshooting

Have your questions answered live by Claus during and after the session.

Live workshop starts:

12:00pm Eastern Time (North America)
11:00am Central Time
10:00am Mountain Time
9:00am Pacific Time
4:00pm Greenwich Mean Time (UK)
5:00pm London Time
6:00pm /18:00 Central European Summer Time (Europe)
2:00am Sydney/Melbourne AEST (Australia)
1:30am Darwin ACST

US: $20.00

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: July 24, 2022, 11:59pm USA Eastern

The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM)
ALHFAM shares practical knowledge and skills among those who make history relevant to contemporary lives.

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Your Instructor:

Claus Kropp, M.A., is an archeologist, historian, draft animal expert and ox driver in Lorsch, Hessen, Germany. He has spent 10 years studying the traditions and culture of draft animal use across the world, from the pre-modern through modern eras. He is the manager of Lauresham Open-Air Laboratory, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Lorsch Abbey, studying the manorial farms of the early medieval era. He runs the Auerrind Project, back-breeding modern cattle to an Aurochs—an extinct wild European bovine—substitute and is also an active member of the Large Herbivore Association and the German Ox Driver's Association. He is the current president of AIMA, the Association of International Museums of Agriculture. He is also a member of ALHFAM's Skills Training and Preservation (STP) Initiative, teaching skills and knowledge to pass forward to future living history practitioners.

Your Ox:
David is a 14-year-old Raetian Grey ox who has been with Lauresham Open Air Laboratory since 2013. He won Best Ox in 2021 at the ALHFAM Virtual Plowing Match.

ALHFAM STP member, Lauren Muney: 

ALHFAM • P.O. Box 16, Rochdale, MA 01542 - info@alhfam.org

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