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Full Time Apprentice Weaver; Williamsburg VA

  • 10 May 2018 12:55 PM
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    The primary function of the apprentice weaver is to rediscover, preserve, learn and practice the varied trade skills of the 18th-century weaving, spinning, dyeing, and cloth finishing, and to share with and interpret those trade skills to Colonial Williamsburg guests. As well as practicing the skills of these trades, the apprentice is expected to add to the Colonial Williamsburg’s Foundations present knowledge of 18th century textile technology and history. As the apprentice becomes proficient in the skills of these trades and progresses towards journeyman status, he/she should be able to assist in teaching future apprentices, thus insuring the trade is perpetuated.


    ·         Works on trade projects to refine and practice skills as assigned by the supervisor or master of the shop.

    ·         Learns and develops proficiency in the skills of 18th century weaving, spinning, dyeing, cloth finishing. Increases knowledge in each skill area and uses information to expand interpretation to the guests, gained through completing work assignments outlined in the apprentice weaver curriculum. The progression of the apprenticeship is based on the successful completion of object based reproductions as defined in the apprentice curriculum.

    ·         Researches available information on the trade and practitioners of the trade, and equipment of the trades; works with members of the department and representatives of other departments (for example: research) in developing recommendations on new and/or varied interpretive programs.

    ·         Provides in-depth interpretations on the trade, its history, and its products and services in the community, region, and the world; the technology, processes, skills organization and working environment of the trade; the lives and times of those who pursued the trade; the evolution of the trade; relationships between trades, etc. to a variety of audiences in a variety of settings.

    ·         Gives presentations on research as appropriate.

    ·         Works with representatives of this and other departments on sharing present programs and developing new and/or varied programs.

    ·         Trains and provides work direction for historic trades interpreters who may be working with weave room staff.

    ·         Instructs other foundation employees on the history of the trade and in ways to interpret the trade skills and their products.

    ·         Assists with in-depth seminars, workshops, and/or forums dealing with the trades.

    ·         Represents the trade when needed on departmental, divisional, and Foundation committees.

    ·         Follows safety and security procedures established for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the site, tools, materials, and equipment.

    ·         Ensures that the safety and security procedures are followed in the absence of the master or supervisor.

    ·         Adheres to Colonial Williamsburg Foundation policies as stated in “The Employee’s Handbook.”

    ·         Follows safety and security procedures established for the site, tools, materials, and equipment. Ensures that the safety and security procedures are followed in the absence of the master and journeyman.

    ·         Maintain a high level of hospitality and courtesy and professionalism while dealing with all guests and fellow employees.

    ·         Performs other related duties as required.


    Ability to meet the physical requirements of the trade which may include:

    • Perform repetitive work safely with traditional 18th-century tools.
    • Work under extreme weather conditions from 20 degrees to temperatures well over 100 degrees and heavy humidity while wearing 18th-century clothing properly.
    • It may be necessary to come in contact with pollen, dust, lint, and mold on a regular basis.
    • May work with dyestuffs including hazardous materials.
    • Must perform physical activities such as repeated standing, kneeling/squatting, lifting, stooping, and moving up to 75 pounds.
    • Participate in other strenuous physical activities as needed.

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