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The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums partners with other organizations, associations and entities committed to preserving and sharing skills and practical knowledge.

As part of this initiative, ALHFAM is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Look Around You Ventures (LAVY), the producer of exciting, entertaining educational videos about American history. 

Look Around You Ventures creates high-quality historic video programs through its current web series “Civil War Digital Digest” and “Revolutionary Gazette” (the latter scheduled for release in Fall 2020).

Combining the knowledge of ALHFAM’s member institutions with the attention to detail and high-quality production capabilities of LAYV, new videos will highlight the technology in use at the time of the American War of Independence and the United States Civil War. Our goal is to help students, teachers, re-enactors and history enthusiasts connect with American history, while they learn about the people who lived, fought and survived these conflicts.

Crafting connections and building interest in these eras will highlight the range of interactive opportunities the public can find at ALHFAM sites across the United States and around the world.

As museums and historic sites begin to safely open, watch for new episodes in both LAYV series.  They will begin carrying the ALHFAM logo very soon!

Learn more about LAYV here

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