Mid-Atlantic ALHFAM Regional Mtg - Sunday, 6/11/17 4-pm

  • 08 Jun 2017 3:18 PM
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    Calling all Mid-Atlantic Regional Members attending the ALHFAM Annual meeting in Rochester/Genesee Country Village!

    Our regional business meeting will take place on SUNDAY at 4pm, in the RIT Inn. IMPORTANT BUSINESS: we need to nominate/select a new Regional Co-Representative (4-yr term 6/2017-6/2021). Danielle's term, which was amended (Meeting Minutes 3/21/2015) to a three-year term in order to stagger regional rep terms, expires as of this meeting. Danielle is now a full-time mom with a baby! 

    Looking forward to seeing everyone,

    Carrie Fellows, Mid-Atlantic Regional Co-Rep

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