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As diverse as ALHFAM’s membership is, so too are the circumstances directing the various re-opening scenarios that our institutions are facing. For many, there are a slew of questions: How to ensure the safety and well being of our staff, volunteers and guests? How to monitor guest flow and install social distancing measures? What does the guest experience look like? How to safely clean and disinfect surfaces in a historic house environment? 

Ultimately parameters for reopening procedures and guidelines will be directed by local governing bodies and health authorities. A few conversations have been taking place on the ALHFAM-L and our various social media outlets. You are encouraged to reach out to your ALHFAMily to network and share ideas. 

Have you crafted reopening/operating guidelines that you are willing to share with ALHFAM members or would like feedback on? If so, please email the ALHFAM webmaster or share in the forum below.

Guidelines shared by ALHFAM members:

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation (Email Contact)

Additional resources that may help (resource suggestions can be sent to the ALHFAM Webmaster):

Forum for members to share/discuss reopening and operating procedures in light of the pandemic. While the forum can be viewed by the public, only logged-in ALHFAM members can create topics, upload attachments, and make comments.
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