If we could gaze into our communal crystal ball, what would we see? What will the future bring and how can we begin to prepare for that now? What issues and opportunities have the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests underscored and brought to the forefront? What kind of foundation are we building? What best practice methodologies are arising from within our own living history field that are robust, durable and enduring? What strategies for success are we bringing—or can we borrow—from outside our field to ensure our relevance and sustainability? 

The theme of this conference is about the future of living history. We can’t predict it. But we can be open to it. We can prepare for it. We can be flexible, adaptable, and resilient to change as it will inevitably occur.  Because 50 years from now, we want to be not just surviving but thriving. We want to be critical to how people see themselves, their communities, and their world.  And we can start today!

Visit the conference website today for all the schedule, speaker, event, and registration information you need.

Ten fellowships to attend the conference are available. For full information, click here. Fellowship applications are due by 11:59pm Central. 

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