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Accessing Member Features of the Website


If you are an Individual Member or the administrative contact of an Institutional Member you must login to the website to access all of the benefits of membership that the website now offers. The login information for this new system is NOT the same as our previous website. If you are attempting to log in for the first time be sure to review Our Help Information.

Staff & Volunteers of Institutional Members

To access the member-only features of our new website (or to receive the eUpdate), you must be added to the member "bundle" of that institution. If you had access via our old website you will NOT be able to log in as you did before, until you are added to the new system and a new login has been created. There are three ways you can be added:

  1. Contact the administrative contact (or "bundle" administrator) and have them add you to the institution's membership bundle (see more on membership bundles)
  2. Fill-out an email request form to the webmaster with the information required for ALHFAM to manually enter you in to the institution's membership bundle:
  • In the Subject Line:
    • "Add me to a bundle"
  • In the Body of the Message:
    • First Name & Last Name
    • Email address you wish to be associated with your membership login
    • Name of your Member Institution
  • Add your name & email to the Reply To lines
  • Enter the text you see in the box on the bottom of the form in the Enter Code line

Click Here to Send Message

 3. Submit the non-member contact list subscription form below, with at least the same information as in #2, and the words "add me to a bundle" in the Attn: line. You    will be able to add or change all of your information when your request is verified and you are able to login and view your member profile.
Go to the Subscription Form

When you are successfully entered as an institutional bundle member by either of these means you will be notified via email and given instruction about your first login.


If you are not yet a member of ALHFAM you are missing out on many great resources that are available via our website, are available to our members only.

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