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Military/Mountie Interpreters and Law-Enforcement Living-Historians (MMILL)


Correy Twilley

Collection Manager
at Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum
Center of Military History
4736 SE Sunnymeade Dr.
Lawton, OK 73501
580-442-0393 work
918-894-2612 cell

MMLL News:

January 2017 Update:
After stepping down as PIG Chair for the MMILL PIG in 2015, Correy Twilley has stepped back in to chair the PIG. The MMILL PIG has struggled with attendance since its inception but Mr. Twilley will try to bring the PIG into the 21st Century with some fresh gusto. While the MMILL PIG shares common ground with all of the other PIGs, Military Interpretation also remains unique in the interpretive world. We not only deal with agriculture, textiles, interpretation, and equipment, but we are also faced with unique challenges such as unexploded ordnance and a fluid methodology that changes from year to year. The way the Army operated at a particular location one year wasn't necessarily how it operated the following year. The world was and still is shaped by its military societies. From the fashion of sack coats to the use of micro-wave ovens, we owe many of these trends to the militaries of the world. 
Minutes from the 2014 Meeting:

Minutes of the annual meeting of the P.I.G. group, “G.R.U.N.T.’S”, at Calgary, Alberta, June 2014 “Government Raised Unincorporated, Non-Uniformed Troops”

In attendance were:
Correy Twilley – Fort Gibson Historic Site
Nat Norwood  – Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Mary Challman  – Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
Ian Beard  – Old State House Museum
Debra Reid – Eastern Illinois University

After the election of Mr. Twilley, the PIG elected a new, less obscure name. One reason cited for low attendance was that many newer members were unable to decipher what the purpose of the group actually was. The new name elected was the MMILL PIG which stands for Military / Mountie Interpreters and Law-Enforcement Living-Historians. The new name will give a home to not only military minded individuals but law enforcement as well. Our U.S. Marshalls, Police, RCMP, and various other groups now have a home as well.

Group attendees voiced their opinions about how to facilitate the growth of the group and how to encourage more attendance. In addition, the group has set a goal to present at least one military/law enforcement session at each Annual Conference in addition to some of the regional conferences also.

The upcoming Mountain Plains Regional Conference was discussed as well as the military related workshop Military Firearms of the 19th Century, which will be hosted during the MPRC in Tahlequah in October.

The meeting was then concluded and members dismissed.

Correy Twilley, Chair, MMILL PIG


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